Exterminator Brooklyn is the best termite control Brooklyn in the New York City. We use the latest and most effective termite pest control techniques and help you to get rid of these small ever destroying creatures and giving back your peace of mind.

Every year several billion dollars worth of damage is been caused by termites alone. They can destroy virtually any structure at home, if left unattended.

We guarantee the best quality termite control program for your home or business site. Our termite control and extermination plan is backed by concrete reputation and years of experience in providing pest control and extermination services in the New York City.

In our termite control and protection plan we offer you an instant free termite inspection. For inspection of your area that is having termite infestation we use visible and sound detectors, we look in all the places that are accessible to termites. Like perimeter and slab areas. During this process our professionals also calculate moisture percentage of your building as it serves as one of the major factors that support termite growth. We offer competitive pricing and written quote with special payment options.

We understand that each home is unique and has unique needs when it comes to extermination of pests. We devise a customized termite control and extermination plan for our clients that incorporate the most effective and suitable treatments and technologies.

Exterminator Brooklyn also remains up-to-date on the newest technology so as to provide the best termite protection possible.

Your convenience and comfort holds prime importance to us, for this we provide extra information about termites such as infestation, potential problems and what you can do by yourself and up to what extent, to reduce the conditions that are optimum for termite infestation, reproduction and growth. But in most cases it is better to take up a professional termite control plan then to waste your time, effort and money on a do-it-yourself regimen. We serve for both residential and commercial areas.

The primary method that we use for fighting against termites is to break the contact between the soil and wood content of the building. For controlling termites infestation in homes we use drilling and injecting chemicals, skirting level treatments, spraying chemicals in wooden structures, forming chemical barrier around the premises.

For commercial buildings our approach for termite control and extermination is bit different from the residential termite control plan. For this, apart from using all the techniques used for residential termite control plan we also do coating on selected areas and provide chemical barrier. In office buildings termites sometimes chew wall covering or any contents made up of cellulose so as to reach wood and other similar cellulose material.

At exterminator Brooklyn, we own a team of highly skilled professionals who are customer oriented and posses a vast experience in dealing the problem of pest control and infestation. Due to our expertise in the area we have gained a strong foothold in the industry. All work that is carried out by our professionals is perfect and has highest value in quality, we are prompt in endeavors. All of this is provided to you at very economical prices.

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