What To Expect From Our Treatment

We inject liquid termiticide deep into the soil around the foundation of your home, the area termites will have their colonies and tunnels leading into your home. This method of treatment is so effective it typically will destroy the colony and eliminate your termite problem in just one treatment.

To ensure you dont have future termite problems we also install termite monitors. This monitoring system provides an effective termite early detection system for termites, but will not prevent termites from entering the structure.

Should activity be detected in the termite monitors or in the structure itself we respond immediately to protect your home. A new injection of liquid termiticide or baits will be added to ensure that any new termites are wiped out before they become a problem.

Do I need the All Inclusive Home Protection Plan? Cant you just get rid of the termites? We used to offer just a single one time treatment for pests but we no longer do. In our 20+ years of experience we have learned that a one time treatment is a disservice to our customers as the root of the problem isnt being addressed. While we can eliminate your current termite problem, without a protective barrier in place your home is vulnerable to future invasions from termites and other pests.

To use an analogy, think of your home as being a medieval castle under invasion. We could expel the invaders from inside the castle, but with the walls breached nothing is going to stop those invaders from storming back in once we leave.

For the past 20+ years weve helped protect over 50,000 homes. We are Brooklyns preferred Exterminator and Pest Control Company. Let us help you!

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