If you are looking for Termite Inspection and Extermination Treatment in New York City, look no further. Termite New York specializes in certified treatments designed to rid you of your Termite problem and enhance the integrity of your property by eliminating your home or building from the costly menace of Termites.

Termite New York Serves the entire NYC Area

We provide Termite Removal, Extermination, and Inspection Services to all five boroughs of New York, including Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Termites thrive in dark, damp areas. They feed off of wood products and cellulose, and make their mounds and nests in areas where water and food are abundant. Unfortunately, termites can thrive in crawlspaces, basements, and inside the foundation of your home.

Unlike many other pests, once Termites have established a position, they become firmly rooted, and incredibly difficult to eradicate without the help of trained professionals like those at Termite New York. Using state-of-the-art pest removal strategies, our exterminators can eliminate the threat of termites in a manner which meets the specific needs of your property.

Licensed and Professional Termite Specialists in New York City

Our Termite Pest Exterminators are licensed and certified to operate in New York City, and are highly trained in a variety of techniques designed to quickly and effectively remove the Termite Threat from your property. If you believe that your residential or commercial property may be at risk of Termite Infestation, we can send one of our Pest Specialists to your site in order to evaluate the threat and offer you recommendations on how to prevent a future Termite Outbreak or what needs to be done to eradicate an existing outbreak.

How to Get Rid of Termites

We all know how disconcerting that it can be to discover a pest problem in your home or on your property, and Termite Infestation is no different. What makes Termites particularly frustrating is how difficult they are to get rid of. Termites naturally thrive in the dark and damp places that humans rarely go, so if you spot signs of an infestation on your property, the termites are likely well-embedded and your own DIY efforts will almost certainly be in vain.

Termites respond strongly to the same Pest Extermination Chemicals that are effective for roaches and fleas, but because of their elusive nature, as well as their diet, they are much more difficult to use effectively. Fleas thrive on pets and, to a lesser extent, around humans, so it is possible to treat pets so that Fleas are eliminated effectively. Roaches feed on organic matter in your home, so pesticide-treated baits, combined with regular household cleaning, can get rid of roaches.

Termites, on the other hand, feed on wood, pulp, and cellulose, all of which are present in abundance, and it takes a concerted, professional effort to get the job done right the first time.

When you call one of our specialists, the first thing that he or she will do is evaluate your home for signs of infestation, and confirm that your home is the site of a Termite Infestation. Other creatures, such as ants and carpenter bees, can also damage homes in a manner which closely mimics that of Termites.

Your Termite Removal Specialist has a variety of tools at his or her disposal to investigate the extent of your Termite Infestation and the damage that it has caused to your property. Using special cameras, audio devices, heat sensors, and probes, along with standard tools such as drills and hammers, it is possible to provide a vivid account of your Termite Problem, giving our specialists an idea of exactly what needs to be done to Exterminate Termites Quickly and Effectively.

Termite Extermination Options

After the Termite Threat has been evaluated and confirmed, the three most common methods to remove and protect your property from termites are Termaticides, Repellents, and Termite Baits.

Termaticides are special pesticides which are used at the source of the Termite Infestation in order to kill the mound and eliminate Termite Nests. By flooding the nest with these chemicals, it is possible to literally kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of Termites all at once.

Termite Repellents are chemicals and treatments used primarily to keep termites contained once other methods have been used to tackle the larger infestation. After the nest has been eradicated, Termite Repellents can keep the Termites from establishing a new colony.

Termite Baits lure termites with an easy meal, poisoning, but not immediately killing, the drones, which return the bait to the nest where the pesticide is distributed all throughout the nest, killing off the threat.

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